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Healing Arts aim is to enable health via crystal therapy. Healing Arts is Louise Woods - Registered practitioner of Crystal Therapy, EFT and complementary therapies.

Louise's story:

In my previous job I used to travel a lot and found stress a real problem. I was often tired and irritable and used to have terrible tension in my shoulders and back. I took up yoga and this helped - but I could hardly do the 'downward dog' in the middle of the office in between the computers!

I then discovered crystals and my stress dramatically reduced, I slept better and I had more energy - well I couldn't argue with results like that! I just had to learn more and offer other people the benefits that I'd received. I went on to study an accredited course and gave up my software engineer job to dedicate myself to crystal therapy.

I was so impressed by the changes the crystals brought about that I "created the company"!!! Crystal therapy changed my life - why not see if it can change yours?

I am also a practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Reiki and Indian Head Massage. For full details of these therapies please visit my other website - www.freeflowingenergy.co.uk and my blog: www.devoneft.com

Call Louise Woods now on 07866 013 637 or visit the Contact Us page.



Louise studied a 2 year Practitioners Diploma in Crystal Therapy at the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy.
Louise is a full member of the Crystal Healing Federation (CHF) which is an umbrella organization whose purpose is to set and uphold constant high professional standards of training and practice in Crystal Healing.
The CHF is a founding member of the British Crystal Healers who are the lead body responsible for setting standards and providing a Code of Conduct.


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